A new Thiel – the CS2.7

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by Editor on 25/08/2012

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SUCCESS breeds its offspring and Thiel Audio’s newly announced CS2.7 Coherence Source floorstanding loudspeaker is a natural follow-up to the highly-acclaimed CS3.7 act (in our shortlist of best bang-for-buck high-end monitors).

The CS2.7, we’re informed, was inspired by the groundbreaking performance of the CS3.7 but also delivers the traditional CS2 series value (we’re assuming the CS2.4 will be phased out).

Driving the system is Thiel’s proprietary coincident tweeter/midrange assembly, first seen on the CS3.7, the company’s flagship model and touted by the hi-fi press to be “the most accurate dynamic speaker at anything close to twice its price.” Now, that’s a hard act to follow but one expects the CS2.7 to be aiming as high, too.

The new model’s midrange and tweeter diaphragms are formed of anodised aluminum. The latter’s ribbed geometry has been engineered for immense rigidity and clarity. A large diameter voice-coil further braces the midrange against out-of-phase bending common in most loudspeaker drivers.

The low end is delivered by the Thiel-designed eight-inch aluminium woofer, which uses long gap/short voice coil technology to delivers the most accurate, low distortion performance possible.

Wrapping the package is a cabinet constructed of bent plywood walls, with the drivers mounted on a three-inch thick baffle, resulting in an enclosure that is extremely firm and almost inert.

No price available yet, but the CS2.7 ships in September – get your friendly dealer to update you.

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