Limited Paradigms – the Inspiration and Tribute

by Editor on 17/09/2012

PARADIGM speakers are a visual treat or nightmare, depending on how you like your speakers to be decked out, but they’re certainly distinctive in appearance, and have their own niche in hi-fi and home theatre realms. And they’re especially known for bringing us high-end sound at real-world prices.

Now, for something special – Paradigm Electronics has just launched two limited models in the 30th Anniversary Edition Series. You guessed right, the Canadian manufacturer is celebrating three decades in the business.

Paradigm 30th Anniversary Edition Series

The special ones are the standmount Inspiration and floorstanding Tribute, both executed in a luxurious dark garnet gloss finish. And they’re especially unique because once the initial batch is sold out, Paradigm is not offering a second round for late-comers.

Both models use the pure beryllium-dome tweeter seen on Paradigm’s Signature Series and aluminum mid-bass drivers, while the floorstanding Tribute includes carbon-cone woofers. The Tribute is integrated with a chromed carbon steel platform which has adjustable feet; the Inspiration has a dedicated stand, which is to be available shortly.

The Tribute is a three-way design with five drivers (three woofers, a midrange unit and tweeter), while the Inspiration is a two-way with a single mid-bass under its tweeter.

Typical of Paradigm, these are reasonably priced for what they are – the Tribute is US$5,998 per pair, the Inspiration, US$2,498 but apparently, they’re to be made available as individual units and not pairs, so do the maths.

If you’re a Paradigm fan, now’s the time to celebrate individuality.

Paradigm 30th Anniversary Edition Series

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