Constellation by Audio Electronics

by Editor on 01/11/2012

AUDIO Electronics, Cary Audio’s subsidiary originally set up in 1993 and re-launched just a few months ago, now has a dedicated new website and a new tube amplifier, the Constellation.

This one uses two 6SN7 tubes running in Class A triode mode and hooked to a fully-regulated and heater supply. A custom R-core power transformer, designed to Audio Electronics’ specs, forms the heart of this sweet beast, which also takes in premium-grade components and opts for a simple signal path to ensure sonic purity.

Three line-level RCA inputs are offered, and these along with the output terminals are gold-plated with Teflon inserts. Paired with its stablemate, the Hercules power amp, or in any other system, the Constellation, which weighs in at a modest 10kg, is good for the long miles … and will save you some moolah, in the bargain.

The Constellation preamplifier can be procured through Audio Electronics by Cary Audio’s online store or through any Cary Audio dealer. The price? A modest US$1,495.

The concept behind Audio Electronics is to offer top-notch sound, minus the frills – a Cary for those on a tighter budget, you could say.

Audio Electronics

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