New AX-5, VX-5 amps from Ayre

by Editor on 25/01/2013

ONE wondered – given Ayre Acoustic’s success story with its (relatively) entry-level AX-7e integrated amp and acclaimed high-end amplification (the MX-R mono amps, V-XR stereo power amp and KX-R line preamp), why not a more powerful combo in between?

Well, here comes the 125-watt AX-5 integrated amp, accompanied by the 175-watt VX-5 stereo power amp, to beef up the Boulder, Colorado-based manufacturer’s “5” range.

Both incorporate trickle-down technology from the flagship MX-R and KX-R, and the new Diamond output stage which Ayre says has been used before in low power applications (preamps, source components) but is being successfully implemented for the first time in a power amp stage. The result – a new level of bass energy and control.

Ayre AX-5 off

The AX-5 and VX-5 both use the Variable Gain Technology (VGT) of the award-winning KX-R preamplifier in their power amp sections. On the AX-5, “the addition of ultra-transparent FET input selector switches complete the transformation of a basic power amplifier into a compact one-box solution.”

The AX-5 also features Ayre’s exclusive EquiLock circuitry, Shallco solid-silver contact switch for gain control, zero-feedback/fully-balanced discrete circuitry, linear analogue power supply, custom-developed audio-grade resistors, proprietary polystyrene capacitors and Ayre’s power line RFI filter.

It offers gain of up to 26dB and double the power (250W) at four ohms. High-impedance balanced and single-ended inputs are provided.

Ayre VX-5

The VX-5 takes the same route as the integrated in terms of technology and components but offers a higher output (again, doubling to 350W into four ohms) for the power hungry.

More details on both will be on the Ayre website soon. However, we do know that the AX-5 will retail at US$9,950, while the VX-5’s price has yet to be announced.

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