Rega Naiad – sneak peek at the £30,000 turntable

by Editor on 28/06/2013

REGA Research’s celebration of its 40th year continues in fabulous style – on the heels of the RP40, here’s a sneak peek at the venerable Brit hi-fi manufacturer’s flagship turntable, the Naiad.

To be available later this year, the Naiad represents the culmination of founder Roy Gandy’s turntable philosophy taken to the max. We’re told it’s a “no-expense spared” project.

Rega Naiad

Even more special, the first 40 Naiad turntables off the factory will bear sequential numbers, from 1973 to 2012, representing each year of Rega’s existence – they will also be signed by Mr Gandy.

However, it’s not as simple as first-come first-served – beginning at precisely 9am GMT on July 1, a 48-hour draw will be held from placed orders. After that, it’s numbers as usual .. although at £30,000 a pop, we’re hard pressed to envision anyone but the wealthiest and most dedicated of Rega disciples queuing up for theirs.

Rega Naiad

Here are details of the Naiad, off the Rega literature:

The Naiad is a “a unique design using the best of modern materials and manufacturing processes, with a plinth constructed from hand-crafted carbon-fibre to achieve the ultimate in lightweight high-rigidity structures, strengthened further with double ceramic braces.

“Mass is again kept to a minimum by using a titanium skeletal vertical bearing housing for the tonearm assembly. Naiad will feature a world first in hub-bearing design with a spindle and bearing housing manufactured from Zirconia.

Rega Naiad

“You can expect the ultimate power supply housed in Rega’s reference range casework which will offer user-adjustable speed control with a digital display.

“Each turntable will be supplied with a piece of music called Naiad, one of Roy Gandy’s favourite piano pieces, which will be recorded by Rega. This unique pressing will include a test tone that will work alongside the power supply to ensure perfect speed is achieved.”

Rega assures us that the Naiad will be the “the ultimate performance Rega turntable promising to deliver way beyond expectations.”

At the price, we’re too speechless to react. Takers, anyone? Ah, but we suspect your dealer already knows who you are…

Rega Naiad

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